Frugal Travel Tips For Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a must for any lover of U.S. history. Home of the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, Philadelphia offers much for the frugal traveler.

Liberty Bell And Independence Hall

While in Philadelphia, frugal travelers must visit the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. The Liberty Bell, a symbol of both religious freedom and the abolishment of slavery, is housed in a separate glass chamber with Independence Hall seen in the background. In the same building there is a video presentation and smaller exhibits.

Tours of Independence Hall are conducted on a first come, first serve basis (go early to avoid crowds). The highlight is the Assembly Room where the Declaration of Independence was adopted, the American Flag was agreed upon, and the U.S. Constitution was drafted. Many furnishings, including the rising sun chair George Washington used, are original.

Entrance to both the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall is free.

The First Bank Of The United States

As a fan of the financial world, another highlight of Philadelphia for me was the First Bank Of The United States. Built in 1797, the nation’s oldest bank not only hosts a history of the varied currency in the U.S. but also is believed to be haunted by Alexander Hamilton’s ghost.

Entrance is free.

The Rodin Museum and Philadelphia Museum Of Art

The Rodin Museum in Philadelphia hosts the largest collection of Rodin outside of Paris. Highlights include the massive Gates Of Hell in bronze. Pieces are both within the building and throughout the grounds.

Entrance is free but a donation of $3 per person is suggested. The “free” tours are allocated first to those giving donations.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art not only is one of the largest art museums in the U.S. but also featured the steps made famous by Rocky.

Admission is usually $14 for adults but on Sundays, it is pay what you wish. Running up the steps and raising your hands in Rocky-like victory? Free.

Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, shows more than adequate love for the frugal traveler. Other sites include the homes of Edgar Allen Poe and Betsy Ross.