Going Green With Your RV Travels

It’s easy going green while camping in your RV. Responsible American’s across the country are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and protecting this great planet of ours. RV manufacturers and RV parks have heard the call and are making it easier for enthusiast to go green by offering solar RV’s and recycling at RV campgrounds. Whether it’s solar panels on the roof of your RV, biodiesel fuel or camping in RV parks that cater to green camping the solutions are abundant for people who take sustainable living seriously. Here are a few unique and not so unique ways to preserve and protect our environment and maintain sustainable living and camping.

The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association put out a list of tips for RVer’s to think about on their travels. Some of the tips are just plain common sense like, routine maintenance of your RV, including regular tune-ups to conserve energy and emissions, using non-toxic cleaning supplies and tank additives, recycling at campgrounds and using roads designed for RV travel. Other tips that campers may not have thought about include mixing drinks from powder and assigning a specific glass to individual family members so the use of paper cups is eliminated. Keeping campfires small minimizes the amount of ash and pollution in the atmosphere. In the summer months, use natures natural shade trees to stay cool and eliminate air conditioning emissions or in the winter park your RV so that it is not exposed to north and western winds.

RV manufacturers have answered the Green call by adding solar panels to the roofs of RV’s which can save up to 90% of generator use. TRA-Certification, Inc., an independent internationally accredited third-party green certifier has become the RV industry standard. This third-party certification helps consumers to decide if an RV is green enough for their standards before they buy. The TRA rates an RV’s energy-efficiency and environmental-friendliness. It evaluates the manufacturer’s claims that the various materials and components that go into building an RV are in fact what they claim to be.

Innovations in the products and supplies necessary on camping trips have come a long way over the years as well. A company called BioLite launched an ingenious multi-tasking camp stove that converts waste heat into electricity. That’s right you can charge your cell phone while you roast your marshmallows over the fire… very cool! Or how about cooking over an open flame or campfire. Though not the most convenient, cooking on an open flame is the most natural and earth-friendly way to prepare meals while camping.

Try using LED lights and lanterns, which use a lot less energy than incandescent bulbs. Or, use less propane by lowering your RV thermostat and using blankets to keep warm while sleeping. Eat with reusable dishes and utensils and eco-friendly biodegradable soap is an excellent alternative to dish soap for cleaning your dishes. Remember, disposable products may be convenient, but they are harmful to our planet. Recycle whenever you can; most campgrounds offer separate recycle bins for plastics and cans. If your campground doesn’t have a recycling program, do it yourself by separating your trash and taking it with you to properly dispose of when you get home.

Use less electronics. Turn off your phone, unplug the TV and DVD, and keep the laptop closed. Instead, spend quality time with your family or get to know your fellow campers in your campground. Bring along the bikes instead of towing a second vehicle. Riding bikes not only helps save on energy and emissions but it’s also a healthy way to see the sights while camping.

When you really stop to think about it, Going Green with your RV Camping is much easier than you think. A little forethought and research goes a long way in making your trip a sustainable one and best of all you are doing your part to save this wonderful planet of ours.