GPS Running Watch For Advanced Runners, Bikers and Other Sports

If you’re a runner, cyclist or kayaker who takes his or her workout seriously, then you know the value of good quality equipment, including the value of a high quality, GPS running watch. The best running shoes, the lightest and fastest bicycle and a high-quality kayak can often mean the difference between winning and losing an important race.

One more piece of sports equipment that’s becoming a must-have for the sports enthusiast (both extreme and casual) is a high performance GPS sports watch.

Additional Information Needed

Advanced runners, bicyclists and kayakers often require additional information as they train for events. Knowing Time, distance and other variables such as rate, altitude and heart rate can often help an athlete train at the peak of his or her ability. It isn’t always practical for a runner to carry a map, or to use a car to “drive out” a course beforehand, to get mileage.

The same applies to a bicyclist, who may have an odometer on the bike, but may not always be totally accurate.

When kayaking in open water, there may be no way to accurately measure distance traveled, other than estimates from a map. And, if the kayaker is unfamiliar with the territory, or encounters bad weather that blocks landmarks, he or she stands a chance of becoming lost as well. A GPS sport watch can easily prevent this.

Monitoring a runner’s heart rate can be a critical training aid. Training with a heart rate that is below a training threshold may not have much benefit for the serious sports lover. Too high a heart rate can be dangerous, possibly putting the runner or bicyclist in danger.

Sometimes “stepping” the exercise routine can have many benefits. This is especially true for events such as triathlons, where the participant may need several levels of intensity during a race, and these levels can be duplicated in training by the use of a sports GPS watch.

Lots of Manufacturers

GPS Sport Watches are not new technology – there are many major manufacturers that make high-quality units in just about every price range. Even the cheapest GPS watches offer enough useful information for even the most ardent sports enthusiast.

Garmin, Magellan, Timex, Casio, Suunto and Polar offer a complete range of GPS watches, designed to fit every need and budget.While the lower priced units, such as a Garmin 101 or 201 won’t offer advanced features like altimeter or heart rate monitor, the information that the watch does provide can help just about any serious runner or biker.