Limo Traveling Protocol

Traveling by limo is a special experience and people usually try it on their special occasions. Some are already accustomed with the protocol related to the limousine traveling; others just can’t follow the unwritten rules of traveling by limo, although they are not on the first limo ride. It doesn’t take a scientist to realize that is all about common sense and nothing is too complicated. Going by these rules will stop you from embarrassing your friends and keep a good relationship with the rental limo company, for future events.

First of all, limos are for civilized people who want to act like adults. Display a proper behavior when you get into the limo. You should never dive or jump into a limo. It is not a swimming pool or your best friend’s car.

Men should act like real gentleman and hold the door open for women who are the first to get in. Women should step into the limo with grace and elegance minding their steps and long dresses. Remember that the limo is not a fort, so don’t crawl into it.

Limos are used by a lot of people during their lifetimes and many of them can’t stand the smell of smoke. For this reason, many limos are designated as non-smoking. You should respect the non-smoking sign and the other passengers that will use the limo after you. Moreover, if you smoke and smoking is not allowed you’ll be paying the damage and the special odor cleaning of the limo.

If you are in a limo that allows smoking, ensure you use the ashtrays that are provided. Never click cigarettes out the window while you are in a limo. Being in a limo, you are supposed to represent class and sophisticate taste and throwing butts out of the window is considered bad manners.

The limo is no garbage can, so don’t throw garbage on the floor, stain the seating or cause the limo any damage and smell. You should have your garbage put in designated containers into the limo.

When people are in limos, they will often engage in certain discussions or actions that could make the chauffeur feel awkward and sometimes distracted from driving. To prevent that, make sure you roll up the privacy screen. This will provide you and the chauffeur with the discretion needed.

Respect your chauffeurs with an appropriate attitude and words and you’ll get back respect and courtesy.

Don’t forget to tip the chauffeur. This is the way you thank someone for a job well done for you. They tried to provide you with a memorable experience and they deserve to be rewarded for that. If you had a great time with your limo rental, then you should tip them 20 percent, but if the service was not what you expected, give him only 10 percent. If the limo driver does a horrible job, shows up late and acts rude, then you give him no tip at all.

Follow this protocol and you will have a fun trip without any unfortunate and awkward situations during your limo ride.