Traveling With a Parrot

I have read quite a few articles about traveling with a parrot and found out that there are all sorts of opinions regarding this subject. What is interesting is that, somehow, all of them are true. And when I say that I speak from experience because I know what it means traveling with a parrot, as far as I’m concerned, a cockatoo and eight budgies to be more precise.

Once every two months I get to take my umbrella cockatoo, Oswald, as well as my eight budgies, “load” them in my car and go to my parents’ home, which is about 170 miles away from the city I live in. And you know what? Every bird has its own personality, some like to travel, others don’t. If he is out of his cage, my cockatoo, for example, is always in a good mood and just stays perched on my boyfriend’s shoulder (that’s his favorite spot), looks out the window and “makes his beard” as we call it. He is usually calm during the whole voyage. However, if we keep him in his cage and it gets dark outside, he becomes restless and starts screaming. He hates being in the dark while traveling by car. Therefore, we always keep him out of his cage when we drive by night and so we encounter no problems.

As for the budgies, they are the happiest in their cage, all together they are as active as usual, chirping all the time, socializing one with the other. Always imperturbable.

So, my honest opinion is that birds are like people, each of them with their own moods. Some of them love to travel while others hate it, whereas in certain cases they are just unwilling to go away from home. I am sure the most important thing is to get to know your pet birds, get to understand them and so you shouldn’t have any problems traveling with a parrot. One very important thing, if you take your parrot for a longer drive and let him stay out of his cage during the voyage, do not feed him right before leaving the house because he is likely to throw up all over the place and you surely don’t want that to happen.